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By Elizabeth Sindelar-Loy

Classic cars are not just cars. They are time machines that can transport us back to the past. Seeing and talking about a classic car can provide us with a vivid trip back in time. Just the sight of one can conjure up memories that are intensely clear. Smells and sounds of the past come to fruition in mere moments allowing one to relive the past for a brief moment of time.

The memory of a first car can linger in one’s mind and build over time until the purchase of it becomes inevitable. This was the case for Mark. He had been looking for either a 1970 Torino or 1971 Cougar XR7. The first car he had bought was a ‘70 Torino when he was sixteen years old and about a year and a half later, he had traded it for a ‘73 Cougar. Both cars became goals to own again.

Before achieving his goal in purchasing his dream vehicle, Mark had been searching all over the internet for the cars of his youth. He had bid on a couple of online auctions but missed out on acquiring any of them. Mark commented, “Evidently the ones I picked were too special which made it difficult for me to win the auction.”

alt="1970 Ford Torino"
In his diligent search, Mark located a 1970 Ford Torino GT Convertible at Gateway Classic Cars’ Dallas showroom. Other than being a convertible it was a standard Torino. It was the beautiful restoration that made the car stand out and catch his eye. The Torino even had some modifications that Mark would have made himself. He was impressed with the price and working with Chase, lead sales in Dallas, made the process hassle free and smooth.

Mark reflected that Chase was awesome and answered his questions incredibly well. “Chase figured out the direction I was going with questions and figured out the details I would want to know beyond the questions I asked concerning the modifications on the car.”

Mark was unable to examine the Torino in person as he resided too far away from the showroom.  He bought the car totally online and felt completely comfortable with his choice.  He stated, “There were so many pictures on the website that gave me a good idea of the quality of the restoration.”

Between the combination of photos on the website and the description on the listing, Mark was able to get to a good point to ask the right questions to Chase who made him feel comfortable with purchase.  Of course, he was hesitant at first to make an online purchase sight unseen but bidding in online auctions got him accustomed to that process.

Mark openly admitted that after he had an agreement on the price and made a deposit, he googled the Gateway name to read reviews. He stated one website had a high level of negative reviews, but it was just a fraction compared to all the positive reviews he found. Mark personally thought his experience was positive and from reading enough good reviews, he was pleased with his decision. He also felt the price of the vehicle was reasonable enough to “virtually” take a chance.  Once the Torino was delivered and he saw the car in person, he was extremely happy.

By the time it came to ship the vehicle, Mark was excited, and he didn’t have to wait long.  Chase had put him in touch with a transport company who works for Gateway often and the timing was perfect.  They were headed to Chicago with two other cars and Mark luckily lived three miles from the exit to Chicago. Mark expressed that the delivery driver was such a super nice guy and easy to talk to which made the experience that much better.

“My wife and I are very happy,” stated Mark, “we haven’t had it at a car show yet, but plan to very soon.”

When I interviewed him, Mark still couldn’t believe how quick and smooth the process was in buying the  1970 Ford Torino.  He had failed bidding on a car through auction on a Saturday, by Wednesday that week he purchased the Torino from Gateway and it arrived at his door the following Saturday. In less than a week it was sitting in his driveway!

alt="1970 Ford Torino"
The Torino Mark purchased is close to the first car he ever owned-same year, same engine but different transmission and this one is a convertible.  And Mark pointed out that his first Torino was three years old already by the time he owned it but this Torino he recently purchased was in way nicer shape!

“I am really impressed with the car. Friends who have seen it so far really love it. They can’t believe the quality that it looks.”

In the past, Mark had to perused Gateway Classic Cars’ website and even talked to a few showrooms before purchasing the 1970 Ford Torino. He hadn’t been previously interested enough until this beauty caught his eye and he is incredibly happy with his purchase.  Mark concluded our interview by stating, “After such a positive experience, I would recommend exploring a purchase from Gateway to others.”

Are you looking to begin your own collection, or add to the classics you have? Gateway Classic Cars sells and consigns hundreds of vehicles each month. Or do you have a classic car for sale with a story to tell?   We’d love to hear about it, please email us at news@gatewayclassiccars.com.