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alt="Appreciation plaque to Gateway Classic Cars"

Chrissy Crowe, acting Charity & Event Chairperson of SEMPCA surprised our Detroit Showroom with a plaque in appreciation of their support in hosting “Drive Your Porsche Day 2021” for the group.

This annual event brings all of SEM together for a driving tour in honor of Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche’s birthdays. The elder was born September 3rd and the son, was born September 19th.

Gateway Classic Cars of Detroit was the point of origin for the ride. Almost forty Porsches met there to head on their collective journey.

alt="SEMPCA club at Gateway Classic Cars of Detroit"
alt="Couple at Gateway Classic Cars of Detroit"

Chrissy wrote about their experience in the October edition of ‘P4: Porsche Pushers Private Papers’ and everyone including those with Gateway Classic Cars had a great time. However, the plaque was a complete surprise and delivered just yesterday, it already decorates our pride wall.

If you have an event and need a meeting place, please do not hesitate to connect with a showroom near you.

Post by Kim Althage
December 7, 2021