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Kimberly V. Althage – August 12, 2021

Gateway Classic Cars celebrates Ashley Rogers’ 15-year anniversary with our family. Ashley began her journey working in the consignment call center. She became a Microsoft Access expert, as Ashley recalled, “I Googled a lot and became familiar with Access and how it is built.”

Ashley wore several hats becoming the assistant to Pam, who handled accounting and operations at the time. She then stepped into management of the call center staff and made sure it functioned as a department. Ashley then moved into marketing making her the second to fill that role in company history. She researched car shows and developed “Do Not Touch” flyers that became the signs used today. These flyers are still sent to hundreds of car shows, even those outside our market.  Ashley started traveling to the shows, establishing a presence for Gateway Classic Cars. Ashley traveled extensively, sometimes being gone for two straight weeks at a time. Once another call center opportunity was available, she stepped into the role and her skills continued to grow and advance into the Operations Manager position she holds to this day.

Ashley explains she just tends to be the one people rely on to figure it out. In her mid-twenties, Sal told her he would take her under his wing and turn her into a manager. She says, Sal’s belief in her, knowing she could do more, and never holding her not having a degree against her has spoken volumes in her view.

Ashley’s role today as the Director of Operations leaves her with several departments under her guidance. Her leadership has grown the company in its capacity in both technology and operations. Ashley’s success is proof that even entry level employees have a path for growth and success here at Gateway Classic Cars.

We are excited to celebrate such a milestone and know many others at the company are following her footsteps as the company grows.