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September 27, 2022

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Today We Celebrate 23 Years in Business!!!

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Kimberly V. Althage – February 8, 2022

Gateway Classic Cars is the largest classic and exotic car sales network company in the world, first opening its doors twenty-three years ago to the day (February 8th, 1999). In that time, we have sold over $620 million worth of collector and exotic vehicles and surpassed $100 million for the 2021 calendar year. There is no company more reputable and eager to assist fellow classic car enthusiasts with the opportunity to get behind the wheel of their dreams.

Our successful track record is indicative of our expert knowledge, full transparency with our clients, and our efficiency that prioritizes our clients’ needs. These are our distinguishing characteristics as a successful consignment company. There is no stronger company to help you find a new home for your baby, your pride and joy treasure of a vehicle.


It is imperative that the consignor you choose understands and appreciates your vehicle and all its nuances. We know every car is unique and we familiarize ourselves with them to better tell their story to the world. Here at Gateway Classic Cars, we are more than skilled salespeople handling all the details for you. We too are experienced marketers, and we use this knowledge to promote your vehicle to a global audience. Our monthly online following exceeds eight million, all eagerly awaiting every car posting. We also advertise outside of our own website to wherever the best buyers might be found, no matter where they are. We have the resources and connections with top-rated vehicle transport companies to ship a vehicle anywhere. The right buyer for your car may not be in your neighborhood. Our marketing platform’s main advantage is finding that buyer who often pays more than someone in your immediate vicinity.


We believe being fully transparent with our clients is important, therefore we deliver on everything we say we will do. Gateway Classic Cars has a long track record of success and that can only happen by being honest and transparent with all parties. We have a commitment to both buyer and seller in every transaction. We work off a process known as a “Buyer Side Premium,” which begins with us asking how much profit you want for your vehicle. We offer FREE consignment! You read correctly, FREE consignment across the board at every location. This gives our consignors access to our viewership of over eight million around the globe at no cost to them.

Our fees or percentage is added to your asking price, which is typically covered by the buyer of your vehicle. Meaning this whole process could cost you absolutely nothing out of pocket. Since you retain ownership of your car until it sells, the final selling price is always up to you – YOU remain in control. We can only make money by treating both buyers and sellers with respect. It is in everyone’s interest and each party has a financial incentive to be honest with the others.

Consigned cars are vetted twice; first by us and again by the buyer. Therefore, trust is reciprocal. It is important to be objectively truthful about your car, for nearly every car has flaws. You might even get a comprehensive inspection from a local mechanic as your investment of transparency, to help us show the future buyer there is nothing to hide. All of this to empower us to market your car honestly and transparently to get you the highest dollar. We want to sell your future vehicles, not just one. Our incentive is to make it a seamless experience for you to return again and again.


Gateway Classic Cars specializes in selling classic and exotic vehicles for private sellers, collectors, and estates and have handled every aspect of the process since 1999. We are your eyes and ears and your personal marketing team. We write the precisely crafted listings; we promote through strategic mediums; we stage your vehicle for a full video and photoshoot (100-150 HD pictures); we weed out tire-kickers and expeditiously pursue any serious offers; we answer questions from prospective buyers; we offer financing through our working partners; we handle the money; we prepare all DMV paperwork; and if needed we help arrange delivery.

it’s our job to inspire enough confidence in someone to buy your car – often sight unseen. Gateway Classic Cars currently has a three-year running averaged of 81% sell through rate for every vehicle that has been consigned. Our diligent follow through means the sales process is far quicker and ensures there are no missed opportunities for your car to find a new home. Gateway Classic Cars is the best of all worlds: We put more money in your pocket than a typical dealership; we take less time and have a higher success rate than selling it yourself to a private party; and we give you more control, reach, and opportunity than selling at live auction.

Other methods do not compare:

Typical Used Car Dealerships: Best when you need to unload a vehicle quickly, when time is money. Dealerships are seen by many as the easiest and most convenient way to rid yourself of a used vehicle. They provide a safe space and rarely ask for more than your car’s title and records. The tradeoff of this convenience and quick turnaround is far less money in your pocket than other methods.

Live Auctions: Auctioning your car in this method can be a lucrative option, especially for rare, or more desirable classic cars. Yet, it requires some luck since only those who are physically present can bid. Therefore, when your car gets its introduction matters a great deal. With live auctions, your profits are uncertain, but their excessive fees and other ancillary costs are guaranteed to cannibalize whatever profits you obtain.

Private Parties: Sure, you cut out a middleman and can get the most money from this method than others, but it takes the most effort and time. You must write and manage every ad placement. You deal with lowball offers, the time-wasting tire-kickers, and those who never show. You also put yourself at a greater risk, since usually this method involves exchanging cash with a stranger in a parking lot, or worse they might be casing your garage. Beyond that, your audience and reach are limited. Gateway Classic Cars has higher-value clientele as shoppers. Doctors, attorneys, business owners, C-Suite executives, and busy professionals do not go to someone’s driveway to buy a car, they use us. These professionals who shop with Gateway Classic Cars are often willing to pay a higher price than the private buyer who comes to your driveway. These local tire-kickers tend to be gearheads who focus on getting the most for the least amount of money. Conversely, the higher-value client would rather pay more for the confidence when dealing from a distance as far as Australia and Dubai. Selling on your own to a private party will get you more than a typical dealership, perhaps as much or more than using a live auction, but only Gateway Classic Cars can market to someone on the other side of the globe who is willing to pay a higher value.

Consignment with Gateway Classic Cars is the hands-off approach and the best of all worlds. It combines trust and security because you are selling through a business that could net as much or more profit as you would from a private buyer – more potentially since our reach is worldwide and our clientele consists of higher-value professionals. It’s more convenient, since we do all the work for you and use our knowledge, expertise, and negotiation acumen to get you top dollar for your baby. Plus, we have brick and mortar climate-controlled showrooms for those remaining “must see” types in the world.

Gateway Classic Cars is your best choice for selling your vehicle. Any of our existing eighteen showrooms in St. Louis, MO (HQ); Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, KS; Las Vegas, NV; Louisville, KY; Milwaukee, WI; Nashville, TN; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Scottsdale, AZ; and Tampa, FL markets can help you get the most profit with the least amount of time and effort on your part. And the greatest part, there are other showrooms to follow – the first to open soon is our newest location in San Antonio / Austin.

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